The DEWI Use Cases

You can download the DEWI Use Case Booklet with a description of all DEWI Use Cases here.

The many and various use cases of DEWI clearly highlight the advantages of replacing wired by wireless solutions. Find here the list of the DEWI Use Cases:

Use Case 2.4 – Multi-link telemetry logger

Use Case 2.5 – Increased Fuel Efficiency by Aircraft Skin Drag Reduction

Use Case 3.1 – Identify, configure, and join WSN in static networks

Use Case 3.2 – Synchronized and robust real-time data communication on wireless networks

Use Case 3.3 – Automatic sensor and actuator configuration based on Identification and localization

Use Case 3.4 – Wireless sensors for extreme environment

Use Case 3.5 – Secure tamper-proof in-vehicle device-to-device communication

Use Case 3.6 – Wireless update for ECU SW for vehicles

Use Case 3.7 – New wireless solutions for energy efficiency and comfort in vehicles

Use Case 3.8 – Integration Platform for WSN

Use Case 3.9 – Instrumentation for combined data acquisition: wired-wireless

Use Case 3.10 – Wireless vibration monitoring for comfort and health assessment of human operators

Use Case 4.1 – WSN for automatic and reliable Train Integrity Control System

Use Case 4.2 – WSN for Smart Train Composition detection System

Use Case 4.3 – Centralized on-board solution for seamless, safe and reliable WSN integration

Use Case 4.5 – WSN for freight advanced monitoring and management

Use Case 5.1 – WSN for situational awareness in building security

Use Case 5.2 – Efficient WSN design for deployment and maintenance costs reduction

Use Case 5.3 – WSN for facility and housing energy optimization

Use Case 5.4 – Facility operation and maintenance

Use Case 5.5 Access Control and Assets Management System

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