The overall project goal of DEWI is to provide key technologies and reference architectures with a focus on the sensor & communication bubble the internals of the bubble and its interfaces to the environment, but not beyond.

This means:

  1. Dependable, auto-configurable, optionally secure, short-range communication
  2. Local energy-management: efficiency, harvesting, storage
  3. Localization of sensors and mobile devices
  4. Smart composability and integration of wireless sensor networks

DEWI will achieve its objectives through a clearly use-case-oriented and industry-driven approach with the following key success factors to contribute to vertical and horizontal application innovation:

  • Identification and build-up of a common, multi-domain applicable, service-oriented short-range wireless communication architecture that eases the life of citizens and professional users and enables service innovation
  • Driving forward the domain-specific and cross-domain technology items, i.e. re-useable technological building block (methods, software, hardware)
  • New vertical and multi-domain (horizontal) services that allow to easily integrate new technologies, SMEs, and tool providers
  • Enabling vertical and horizontal business cases representing added value for the transport and building domain
  • Identification of infrastructure requirements within vertical activities (domainspecific use cases) to take into account new interaction and interface concepts for proper tackling of cross-domain issues in smart environments
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience between different domains
  • Identification of domain-independent problems to foster cross-domain reusability
  • Providing input to make use of results of and inter-act with other projects (in particualar ARTEMIS/ECSEL)
  • Contribution to the ARTEMIS repository by development of results from industry-driven use cases
  • Gathering the main European players regarding wireless embedded systems engineering in the areas of transportation and building / surveillance providing a critical mass of European technology providers for future safer, securer, and more comfortable transport and living
  • Exemplary show cases that will demonstrate the key results of DEWI, by displaying high relevance to societal needs and cross-domain applicability
  • Regarding interoperability DEWI will also contribute to establishing a standard for wireless systems engineering in a certification and security context, which entails conformity to both specific standards as well as international domain-independent standards.